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Trusted by leading brands

Trusted by leading brands


Long lasting asphalt starts with a solid sub-base.  Similar to a home’s or building’s foundation, a solid and sturdy base prevents movement and shifting beneath the asphalt’s surface.  Seal Canada puts just as much attention on the sub-base as it does on the asphalt above it.

Asphalt Sealcoating

While many companies and businesses sealcoat their commercial parking lots primarily for aesthetic benefits, the reality is that sealcoating is the most essential step in maintaining long-lasting asphalt.  Sealcoating greatly increases asphalt’s lifespan by acting as a protective barrier as it stops oxidation and premature deterioration; thereby eliminating the need for costly repairs.


An improperly installed concrete surface will lead to shifting and cracking only months after it has been poured, leaving you to deal with hazards and liabilities. Seal Canada ensures all concrete projects are performed with the utmost attention and quality control. From forming to reinforcing and pouring, every step is performed by only the most experienced specialists.

Patching & Repairs

Potholes and ruts in parking lots are a huge liability for property owners and property managers. To ensure maximum durability on all commercial patching and repair projects, Seal Canada includes two layers: a basecoat of HL8, and a topcoat of HL3.  We ensure all cuts and edges are clean, and that a straight, solid and secure subbase is compacted to ensure no movement and maximum durability.

Crack Sealing

Crack sealing is essential for keeping your pavement in great condition. All asphalt surfaces will develop some kind of cracking over time due to hot summers and cold winters; asphalt expands and contracts, shifting and cracking it. Crack sealing fills and seals existing cracks with a flexible hot rubberized sealant. The sealant bonds to both side walls of the crack, creating a waterproof barrier.

Line Painting

For the proper flow of incoming and outgoing traffic of any commercial parking lot or roadway, it is essential to have a clear parking and traffic layout. This starts with precisely painted lines distinguishing clear parking spaces, assisting in the safe flow of traffic through the parking lot or roadway.

Concrete Sealing

Concrete surfaces, similar to asphalt, are pores; this causes concrete surfaces to be susceptible to damage from penetration of oil, gas, and other chemicals. Dirt and spills easily penetrate the surface causing noticeable stains and erosion of the concrete surface. Unlike asphalt, concrete cannot be easily patched up; therefore, it is extremely important to protect your Investment from the start. Sealing is essential for maintenance, preservation, and aesthetic of concrete surfaces.

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy flooring is a durable, long- lasting, and customizable coating that beautifies  concrete surfaces. Epoxy is used in many different applications including commercial parking garages, car dealerships, auto body and mechanic studios, artisan workshops, hangers, government buildings, schools, industrial factories, and on residential garage floors. Epoxy flooring provides  a surface that has maximum durability and strength, requires minimal maintenance, and is super easy to clean.

Pressure Washing

Hot high pressure water is used to blast away dirt, grime, mildew and staining from the surfaces leaving them spotless and looking like new again.


Parking lot sweeping is an added service offered by Seal Canada.  Our mechanical and vacuum sweeping trucks removes abrasive sediments.  This essential step ensures a clean and well-maintained property, but it also reduces the risk of vehicle damage. 


Seal Canada offers a wide variety of water proofing services. Call us today for more information and see how Seal Canada can improve the lifespan of your property.


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