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Our premium asphalt sealcoating company in Hamilton chose the best product to suit your properties needs. Seal Canada only applies industry-leading commercial grade sealcoat products that outlast & outperform the rest.


Asphalt Sealcoating

Why Sealcoat?

Studies show Regular sealcoating more than doubles the lifespan of asphalt surfaces at a fraction of the cost of repaving.

Seal Canada’s unmatched service, know-how, and attention to detail coupled with the best sealcoat products on the market will ensure long lasting protection of your property, enhanced curb-appeal, and substantial cost-savings for our clients. 

By sealcoating you are providing a clean, aesthetically-pleasing, and welcoming environment for your current and prospective clients from the moment they drive on to your property.

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The Process of Asphalt Sealcoating

While many companies and businesses sealcoat their commercial parking lots primarily for aesthetic benefits, the reality is that sealcoating is the most essential step in maintaining long-lasting asphalt. Sealcoating greatly increases asphalt’s lifespan by acting as a protective barrier as it stops oxidation and premature deterioration; thereby eliminating the need for costly repairs.

Our commercial-grade tar sealer rejuvenates and nourishes dried out and brittle asphalt by adding essential oils, adding a waterproofing barrier, and adding elasticity back into the surface. Our tar sealcoat acts as a protective shield on asphalt surfaces; it protects against deterioration from damaging elements: UV rays, extreme heat, extreme cold, moisture intrusion, frost, gas spills, oil stains, salt, and other harmful chemicals. It also prevents cracking, sinking, wear and tear caused by vehicle traffic, heavy trucks, and equipment.

An unsealed asphalt surface generally deteriorates more than twice as fast as asphalt surfaces sealed every 2 to 3 years. Sealcoating reverses the age of commercial asphalt by up to 10 years, providing huge, long-term savings. Not only is the life of asphalt significantly prolonged, but it creates a sharp, clean, upscale, and manicured look to your property.

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How Asphalt Works

Pavement and asphalt start to deteriorate shortly after it is installed due to oxidation and UV rays from the sun. Brittle and dry asphalt is susceptible to moisture intrusion, which erodes and weakens its base. During the winter months, frost and ice form below the surface pushing up, shifting, cracking, and damaging asphalt. These damages may be patched and repaired, but usually at a significant cost. It is optimal to protect asphalt surfaces by sealcoating within one year of installation, before deterioration and damage set in.

Naturally, when the asphalt’s bitumen oxidizes and oils dry out, the sand and stones in the original asphalt mixture loosen, leaving it rough and pitted. Sealcoating provides a protective shield against this naturally-occurring process and against the natural elements that we experience during our hot summers and freezing winters, harsh chemicals from salting and brining, and oil leaks from cars and trucks.

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