A properly installed driveway can make a world of difference when it comes to curb appeal. At Seal Canada we only use the highest quality asphalt, thorough compaction, and proper grading techniques to ensure all our paving projects, big or small, last for years to come. The key to a long lasting pavement is the base. We ensure the base is compacted properly and built up, the base is then left for ample time to set before the asphalt is laid.  Residential asphalt usually consists one layer of asphalt HL3 or HL3A asphalt compressed to 2"-2.5".

while commercial asphalt surfaces usually consist of two layers  the first layer being  a 2" road grade base coat HL 8 and 2"  of finer surface coat HL 3 Asphalt. 

-Sealing your asphalt with a tar based sealer is strongly recommended after the first year and every two years following  to prevent damages and greatly extend the life of the Asphalt surface. 




From driveways to walkways, basic to patterned concrete we've got you covered! so many ways to beautify your property integrating concrete into your homes exterior landscape design. A variety of patters, styles and designs Make it easy to create a unique new look for your property.

-Sealing your concrete is strongly recommended after the first year and every two years after to prevent damages. 




Increase curb appeal and property value. Our knowledgeable team of experts will assist you in choosing the best interlock stone,style and colour to suit your property. Our unique Interlocking designs will transform your property and give it the unique look it deserves.

-Sealing and sanding your interlock is strongly recommended after the first year and every two years after to prevent damages and vegetation growing.