Commercial Asphalt Sealing



While many Property owners Seal their parking lots mainly for the aesthetic benefits, what many may not know is that It is an essential step in long lasting asphalt preventing costly repairs in the future. Our tar sealer rejuvenates  and nourishes dried out and brittle asphalt  by adding essential oils and adding a waterproofing Barrier. Tars waterproofing properties stops moisture intrusion, preventing cracking ,sinking and further deterioration of your asphalt surface.  Sealing reverses the age of your Parking lot asphalt by 3-5 years, prolonging your asphalts life as well as adding a sharp new look to your property.

Commercial Crack Filling



When It comes to filling asphalt cracks in your commercial property you want to ensure that only a hot rubberized crack sealant is used to ensure the crack is thoroughly sealed. Crack sealing is essential for keeping your pavement in tip top shape as it keeps out moisture and Frost from further expanding cracks.

for the longest lasting protection we recommenced routing the crack prior to filling (cutting into the crack opening it further, making both walls of the crack evenly spaced to help assist the rubberized filler in properly bonding to the crack.   

Line Painting



For proper  flow of any commercial parking lot it is essential to have clear 

parking layout. This starts with precise lines distinguishing clear parking spaces, assisting in the safe flow of traffic through the parking lot. 

when it comes to painting lines seal Canada only uses road grade paint, up to date equipment, and only the most precise labour specialists to ensure long lasting lines and a clear and concise parking lot.  

Asphalt Paving & Patching



Its no secret Potholes and ruts are a huge Liability for property owners. As a property owner or property manager it essential that that there are no Liability's in your parking lot. for all commercial work two layers of asphalt is put down a base coat of HL 8 and top coat of HL 3 to ensure maximum durability. At Seal Canada we take pride in all of our projects ensuring all cuts and edges are clean, straight and a solid and secure base is compacted to ensuring no movement and maximum durability of all newly paved asphalt surfaces. Whether patching or paving your commercial parking lot, seal Canada ensures it is done right the first time Guaranteeing our clients pavement that lasts