• overtime the top of a driveway next to the concrete foundation  starts to fail, causing the driveway to sink and crumble. A low spot forms allowing water to pool up in this area also making it difficult for vehicles to enter the Garage. 
  • Protect your foundation against water damage, moisture buildup, and erosion. Protect your investment and prevent thousands of dollars in foundation repair fees. 
  • Allow Seal Canada fix this problem by installing a professional Asphalt ramp. This is achieved by building up the sunken area with asphalt and properly compacting it. This ensures a secure ramp allowing for proper drainage and easy entrance to the Garage.



Over time due to a lack of  asphalt sealing as well as wear and tear from the harsh Canadian winters, potholes and ruts may begin to form on your asphalt driveway. Left untreated the damaged areas worsen due to moisture buildup. This causes further erosion to the Asphalt surface. Allow Seal Canada to take care of imperfections in your asphalt, preserving your asphalt for years to come.  



Cracks form on asphalt surfaces due to moisture penetration. Moisture soaks in and builds up under the asphalt surface, pushing up in the winter months due to freezing temperatures causing damages to your asphalt. The best way to prevent cracks of any kind is by sealing your asphalt with a premium Tar sealer every two years.  For Asphalt that has already developed cracks in it,  a specialty silicone based crack sealer is used. The crack sealer keeps out moisture from further expanding the crack. Being a flexible material it also allows the material to expand and contract with the temperature ensuring a strong hold that doesn't pop away after a short time.